1. What is the difference between a yoga class, a Bodylog’in class Jarrousse method ® and a Feldenkrais ® class?

    Unlike yoga, the Feldenkrais class and the Bodylog’in class do not require you to be flexible, nor do they involve holding set poses. Also, they do not involve any practice to perfect positions. In Feldenkrais and Bodylog’in you explore gentle and innovative movements, and you learn to become aware of habits that may be causing you movement difficulties, inefficiencies and pains.

    The Bodylog’in class Jarrousse method® is deeply influenced by the Feldenkrais® method as Natacha Jarrousse values the Feldenkrais approach highly, but it goes further in neuroplasticity experiences. Bodylog’in is a practice, a process and a system of self-improvement that offers holistic integration of body and mind. It uses movement and real time awareness of its own body sensations to guide towards the positive changes anyone seeks.

    The class starts with a cognitive stimulation of the limbic brain through precise, directed attention to the emotional load everyone carries unconsciously. The Bodylog’in coach will then presents a recreational approach to “login” into one’s body and mind and naturally unblock the emotional unconscious blocks. Anyone explores new possibilities of optimal functioning through doing micro movements and discovers optimal creativity and well-being with a reduction of emotional stress.

    Each Bodylog’in class presents a cognitive tool, called “key of success”. In total, there are 26 keys of success in the Jarrrousse method®, connected to 26 dynamic postural sequences. Each postural sequence dissociates the body segments to, starting from different parts of the body, re-coordinate optimally and to function at best with clarity and fluidity. The class offers a modified state of consciousness which is deeply relaxing, and efficient to new pattern reprogramming.

  2. Is it safe to do Bodylog’in® without a coach?

    Absolutely! The wonderful thing about the Bodylog’in® practice is that it is about exploring learning strategies. If you have difficulty with one side, you can work with the other side. If you feel limited by a movement, you can explore it working with your imagination first, creating new neural links that can improve your quality of life. A coach will help you to distinguish and suggest exercises and keys of success, to be more efficient. Typically, a coach will also help you to be more disciplined allowing you to feel results faster.

  3. Where can I find a coach?

    Go on our website

  4. How long will it take before I notice the difference?

    From immediate in terms of stress relief and positiveness, to an average 4 classes to experience improvements in your daily routine with a better physical and emotional balance, more cardiovascular resistance, a better coordination offering more fluidity in the body and in the mind, an increased long-term flexibility, an optimal cognition and outlook.

  5. What equipment do I need to exercise Bodylog’in?

    You don’t need any specific gear for the practice. Make sure you are comfortable so sweatpants and sweaters could be a good option. A comfortable sports’ mat will be a good idea as the class is a mat session. Make sure you have enough space to open your arms wide.

  6. I feel great and at my peak. What can the Bodylog’in® class offer me

    There is always room for improvement. You can learn to do what you already do well, more easily, with less effort so there is energy left over to go even further.

  7. How does the Bodylog’in in a one-to-one session differ from a physio treatment or a sports’ coaching?

    Both physiotherapy and sports ‘coaching will involve soft tissue manipulation. Both work with muscles and soft tissues. Bodylog’in is an approach that seeks to affect change by working with your nervous system. Your brain directs the nervous system and oversees your movement patterns. But it also works the other way around. If you consciously change your movement patterns, you literally change your mind. As new neural pathways are formed in your brain, you can safely regulate and coordinate your movements, organizing yourself for effective action in your life.

  8. How often should I practice Bodylog’in ® in a collective class or in one-to-one coaching?

    There is no prescribed frequency, as there is no link from one class to the other. Nevertheless, the weekly practice accelerates the improvements and enriches the behavioral maturity securely. There are 26 keys of success to reach so you can join as much as you want.

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